National Governing Body

National Governing Body


Hartmann Mason have worked with many national governing bodies to find key leadership talent across their Board and organisation. Basketball England had a requirement to improve decision making at Board level, its relationship with strategic partners and to improve its customer delivery through a more insight led approach.

Hartmann Mason embarked on a search to find an independent NED for the organisation, who could add commercial knowledge and focus to the Board. The successful placement of an Independent NED from a large sport and advertising agency, helped the organisation become far more insight led, improving relationships with key funders (Sport England) and partners. Hartmann Mason were then instructed to provide the search for a new CEO.


This search was fulfilled by initialy defining and agreeing the key competencies and experience required to base our research on. 89 longlisted candidates were identified and considered, who had the attributes required and capability to deliver againt the main criteria stipulated:


  • Build participation growth
  • Fulfill needs of the main funding partner
  • Organisational skills to build a coherent and successful governing body


The quality of the search process led to successful fulfillment of CEO position. This was followed by a further search, this time to bring in a new Chair for the organisation.

The successful fulfillment of the three positions of independent NED, CEO and Chair, has allowed Basketball England to rebuild and they have recently regained funding from Sport England. Phil Smith, Director of Sport for Sport England commented: “Strong plan for grassroots from Basketball England. Good insight, clear ideas. Deserved the (£4.7 million) award with talent investment still to come."

Board member Allan Heye, Chair of the nominations committee at Basketball England: "Thank you Kate and Daryl for your assistance in our 2 recent searches. The process and communication were perfect. We were delighted to have had such excellent candidates introduced to us and to have these individuals now leading the organisation"

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