Global Marketing Agency

Global Marketing Agency


Recruitment of Head of Client Engagement for global marketing agency, to lead team of 15 Client Engagement Directors and Managers based around the world. The client base included both global brands and smaller, niche clients.

Our client required an individual who had the experience of implementing and executing a successful global client strategy that focused on increased business levels with key clients whilst ensuring rigorous processes and procedures are in place to maximise retention of clients around the globe.


We targetted the marketing agencies that had global presence and those that had experienced rapid growth. A longlist of profiles of those individuals with strong client services skills, C-level client engagement experience and relevant managerial skills were detailed. 

Hartmann Mason approached over 120 individuals. After fully evaluating candidates' skillsets, 15 candidates were met by Kate Mason face-to-face for a rigorous competency-based interview to assess their experience against the competencies required, the cultural fit and their motivation for considering the role. 


5 relevant individuals were presented to the client for interview - all of whom had the necessary experience levels and fit for the organisation. 

After a 3 stage interview process with the client, the successful candidate was appointed who brought an entrepreneurial flare from running their own marketing consultancy prior to joining a large global agency where they had successfully executed a global client strategy which demonstrated excellent levels of client retention and business growth.  

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