• British Surfing is a newly formed organisation, established by the 4 home nations from across Britain; the Channel Island Surfing Federation, Surfing England, Scottish Surfing Federation and the Welsh Surfing Federation. 
  • The organisation’s purpose is to act as a vehicle to select, prepare and manage the British Surfing Team. 
  • British Surfing is seeking a Senior Independent Director who can support the establishment of this exciting new organisation and provide robust leadership to formulate the organisation’s first strategy and support building positive cooperation across the Surfing community.

Role Summary 

  • In summary, the senior independent director’s role involves:
    • Working closely with the chairman, acting as a sounding board and providing support;  
    • Acting as an intermediary for other directors as and when necessary;  
    • Being available to shareholders and other non-executives to address any concerns or issues they feel have not been adequately dealt with through the usual channels of communication (ie through the chairman, the chief executive or finance director);  
    • Meeting at least annually with the non-executives to review the chairman’s performance and carrying out succession planning for the chairman’s role;  
    • Attending sufficient meetings with major shareholders to obtain a balanced understanding ofheir issues and concerns.
  • When the board is undergoing a period of stress, the SID’s role becomes vitally important. They are expected to work with the chairman, other directors and shareholders to resolve major issues.  
  • For example, they can act as an alternative point of contact for investors who may have made little headway in discussions with the chairman, chief executive or finance director – or who may have concerns about the performance of these individuals. Where the relationship between the chairman and chief executive is particularly close, and they do not communicate fully with shareholders, the SID is able to step in and provide a link.  
  • Where there is a disagreement or dispute between the chairman and the chief executive, the SID can intervene, identifying issues that have caused the rift and trying to mediate and build a consensus. 
  • Supporting the establishment of a new governing body, including implementation of appropriate governance and internal controls. 
  • Engaging Surfing participants to promote the growth of British Surfing. 
  • Creating and maintaining positive and productive relationships with stakeholders. 
  • Provide direction and support for members and volunteers, helping them achieve the aims of the organisation.

Person Specification 

  • The successful candidate will be a strong leader who recognises how sport and physical activity contributes to society and the health and wellbeing of individuals. As British Surfing is a new organisation, the successful candidate will ideally be someone with experience of a new business and building a team to support it.
  • Previous Board experience would be desirable. However, applications from candidates who have not previously served in a board role but who can demonstrate the skills and competencies necessary to contribute to British Surfing are welcomed. 
  • Previous experience with Investment Management / Accountancy & Finance including knowledge of lottery grant funding and Charity Governance is preferred as well as experience with Membership Management. 
  • Knowledge of Surfing is not an essential requirement for the role. 

Additional Information 

  • Applications should be sent to: daryl.mason@hartmannmason.com
  • The deadline for applications is 6th August 2018 and interviews will take place shortly after. Please submit a CV with supporting covering letter which demonstrates your suitability for the role. 
  • British Surfing is committed to recruiting a diverse, skills-based board, and encourages applications from people from under-represented populations.