This is an exciting opportunity to chair the governing body of a growth sport. There is a strong membership base which is increasing in numbers and includes considerable school and university expansion. Other areas of development include a league system and consideration of future Olympic inclusion. The governing body receives funding from Sport England but has done an excellent job in diversifying the income portfolio. There is an engaged and dynamic Board that adds value to the organisation whilst remaining strategic.

The Chair will run the board in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer, with the responsibility to lead the Board, ensuring that the highest standards of probity and governance apply and that England Lacrosse business is conducted in accordance with its purpose, as set out in the constitutional documents and associated policies, and with all legal and regulatory requirements.

The Role: 

  • Lead and manage the Board, and ensure, through relevant appointments, that it retains the balance of skills, and receives all the necessary information, to enable it to operate effectively. 
  • Represent and champion England Lacrosse by being its advocate and ambassador for the sport at local, regional and national levels. 
  • Be the guardian of the reputation of English Lacrosse and seek to ensure it is regarded as a supportive, respected and trusted body. 
  • Ensure that the Board maintains the skills and expertise to deliver the organisations objectives alongside going beyond the inclusion standards as set out in the Code for Sports Governance by Sport England. 

Relationship with the CEO and Senior Leadership Team:

  • Establish and build a collaborative relationship with the CEO to ensure that strategic objectives are agreed and archived for the organisation. 
  • Carry out annual appraisal and remuneration review for the CEO in consultation with the Remuneration Committee. 
  • Help with developing a collaborative relationship between the Board and Senior Leadership Team. 

Person Specification:

Applicants for the position of Chair of the England Lacrosse Board should meet the following personal specifications:

Essential Skills: 

  • Excellent interpersonal, leadership and influencing skills to lead the Board and provide strategic leadership, chairmanship and negotiation. 
  • Excellent communication skills driving effective teamwork and diplomacy with stakeholders at all levels. 
  • Dynamic and innovative thinking to lead and support the organisational and behavioural change agenda for England Lacrosse. 
  • Ability to support, challenge and manage a relationship with the Chief Executive Officer and Board members. 
  • A strong demonstrable commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Required behavioural competencies and qualities: 

  • Strategic perspective, vision and ability to work positively within a team. 
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills and the ability to develop effective, sustainable partnerships. 
  • Dynamism, enthusiasm and energy. 
  • Resilience and ability to make things happen. 
  • Willingness to devote the necessary time and effort. 
  • Willingness to be an ambassador for the organisation and the sport. 
  • Willingness to adhere to the England Lacrosse Code of Conduct. 


Main Duties

  • Lead the development and delivery of the vision, 10 Year strategy, 4 Year business plan, company values and policies and maintain a positive culture across the organisation.
  • Build and develop a strong working relationship with the CEO. 
  • Together with the CEO, act between meetings to ensure the Board’s decisions are acted upon. 
  • Lead the Board’s evaluation of its own performance and prioritise. 

Opportunities and benefits: 

  • Be responsible for the growth of lacrosse in England, leading change, addressing challenges and exploring new opportunities. 
  • Be a part of a highly skilled and inclusive Board of Directors from diverse sectors and backgrounds. 
  • Develop your leadership skills and knowledge 

Renumeration The role of the Chair is not accompanied by any financial remuneration. This is a voluntary unpaid role, although expenses will be covered.

Time Commitment An average of 1 day per month including attending five Board meetings per year, the Annual General Meeting, plus online communication as required between meetings and attending 2-3 flagship events per year.

Location Remote working with meetings held via zoom or in London and Manchester.

Current Board

  • Hannah Bowe, Chair – Sky, Rights Strategy and Acquisition at Sky Sports
  • Prashant Jobanputra - Promontory, Managing Director, London
  • Nikki De Kretser – General Manager at Cirrus Response
  • Jill Giddins – Blake Morgan LLP, Partner 
  • Susan Gordon – Planet Organic, People and Legal Director 
  • Jane McCarthy – Change management consultant 
  • Gavin Devine – Park Street Partners, Director 
  • Michael Estill - Kindleworth LLP Strategy and Technology Partner 
  • Will Evans – British Triathlon, Head of Clubs and Regions 
  • Tim Hunt – Consultant in Sports Marketing, Commercial Strategy, Partnership Acquisition, Sports Rights Holders 
  • John Neal – ECB Head of Coach Development 

Equality and diversity 
Since 2017 England Lacrosse has consistently maintained a Board that has the skills and expertise to deliver the company objectives alongside going beyond the inclusion standards as set out in the Code for Sports Governance by Sport England. As part of our commitment to equality and diversity, we have included an optional equality monitoring form at the end of this document which we would appreciate candidates completing, where possible.

If you would like to discuss the role in more detail, please email Daryl Mason on daryl.mason@hartmannmason.com to arrange an initial call or submit an application for this position,

Please email the following documents to Daryl Mason:

  • Cover Letter highlighting your motivation for the post and relevant experience 
  • Up to date CV/biography 
  • Complete Equalities Monitoring Form which can be found HERE 

Closing date for applications: Friday 20th January 2023.